Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft (how to find ores)

               How to Identify Ores in Minecraft

     There are lots of ores in Minecraft and I'm going help you identify them now. as you can see in the picture, there are 7 common ores, coal, iron, 
lapis, gold, redstone, diamond, and emerald. It is very simple to make sure what the ores are: by the color, diamond is light blue, emerald is green, lapis is dark blue, redstone is red, gold is gold, iron ore is pink-ish, and coal is black. 


  My ultimate favorite ore is iron ore because it is the easiest ore to find and its good for tools. Also, iron armor is very useful because you can defend from harm. By "harm" I mean mobs, including zombies, skeletons, and creepers. Others are ender men, the ender dragon, and many more.

Whats your favorite ore? Tell me in the comments! see you next time with the ultimate guide to Minecraft how to get to the ender dragon and actually kill it.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Whats your Favorite Month

     Whats your Favorite Month?

A lot of people have a favorite month, it might be your birthday month or just a special day. You can say them 
in different languages, sing about them, and talk about them. months are weird, every other month there is 30 days then 31 day except for February which has 28 days 29 on a leap year. 

   My favorite month of the year is December because its cold and its the month you get presents and see your family at parties. Another month that is my favorite is march, because its my birthday month. it usually rains on my birthday which is good because its still a little cold out side. 


I want to know your favorite month is. And for my challenge,  try and learn all the months in a different language besides English. and if you do, ill reward you with untold riches.

Friday, January 31, 2014

what matters in 2013

 What Do You Remember The Most This Year?

What I remember most about 2013 is the hurricane that hit the Philippines, Hurricane Haiyan. this storm wreaked havoc in the Philippines as you can see in these pictures.

   Hurricane Haiyan had killed  6,069 people and ruined their homes. At 196 mph, this storm was one of the strongest storms under Hurricane Sandy. Meanwhile, 1,779 have been missing! imagine one of your family members have been lost from a storm what would YOU do?

                                                                   My Opinion

                                                      My favorite/most popular is What Does The Fox Say? Not to brag or anything but, I got an e-mail saying I was one of the first person to discover it. I was so surprised! another opinion I have is the video called: how animals eat their food.                  

                   Top 10 Games and Videos of 2013

This game I personally like is called "Slender the Eight Pages."

"Mine-craft" is most popular game in the USA.

"Call of Duty Ghosts" is a very popular game that came out this year.

This video is called "How Animals Eat Their Food."

this video is called "hump-day" (which is Wednesday.) was just supposed to be a funny Geico  commercial but, it went viral.

hunger games catching fire

is a popular computer game

call of duty black ops was very popular until ghosts came out.



my challenge to you is to play one of these games warning, some of these games aren't free and some may or may not freak you out. Tell me what game you play in the comments.

Thursday, January 30, 2014


                   That's the way the cookie crumbles


              What is your favorite cookie? Everyone has one,there are thousands of different types of wonderful cookies. Some of our favorites are chocolate chip to peanut butter with so many sizes, shapes,and colors. You can crave cookies any time any were.
      My opinion or view to this topic is that cookies are a fun snack and that you never grow out of. And cookies have a lot of good things in it like, milk and eggs. my favorite type of cookie is sugar cookies.

                          top 10 cookie brands
1. oreo
2. nilla
3. chips ahoy
4. peperage farm
5. pillsberry
6. little debby
7. famous amous
8. duncan hynes
9. keebler
10. moon pie

  what is your favorite cookie? my challenge is to try to make that cookie.



the wondrous world of cats

                               Cats Are My Inspiration

Cats are the most popular pets in the US. And by-far the most beautiful animals in the world. cats can actually save your life like in this story I read called:  "family cat may of saved our lives during snow" check it out!  the mountain 


 My favorite kind of cat is by far the classic tabby, it is my favorite because all my cats are tabbys. my cats are named: Whiskey Dusty and Bobcat. Bobcat is my favorite cat out of whiskey and dusty because she is very sweet and loving. bobcat is also very protective about me and doesn't anyone but me. so she hates my dad mom and brother witch is good for me.

 what is your favorite cat in the world of cats. let me know in the comments. I challenge you to buy a cat.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Those stupid ads

     Adds Are So Annoying

  Tell me about it adds can be super annoying, but some can really grab your attention like this commercial, it grabs it because it really funny. The reason why its funny is because they use emotional appeal. Emotional appeal is when you laugh at it or be sad etc. This is effective because it makes you laugh.  The other  commercial, they use glittering and generalities. Glittering and generalities is a catchy slogan. In this ad, ( keyboard cat ) their slogan is ''get crack' in."


  To me, my favorite video was keyboard cat because it gets right to the point. While the other goes on and on. My favorite kind of ad is a humorous one I love something that makes me laugh.Laughter is like medicine for me. In the ads below they are emotional appeal which are my favorite  

Top Five Emotional Appeal Videos 

  For this commercial, a camel is making the video funny so you get attached.

This commercial is funny because they fight.

   For this commercial, the man is encouraging his wife to use technology for everything

Top Five Bandwagon Videos

In the commercial they make fun of other products 

In this commercial, babies are dancing.

     In this commercial,they use bandwagon by making the ipod white.

They use bandwagon by, sowing you the COLOR of the phone.


 For your challenge, I want you to tell me the most funniest commercial you ever saw in the comment section. And if you win, you get...NOTHING! Just for the sake of it. And for the question of the day,tell me in the comment section your favorite celebrity!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

China At Its Worst

Getting to Know Qin Shi Huang

  A man obsessed with death, several wives and a bottle of poison, this does not look good. Shi always wanted to be immortal, and rule the afterlife. He built a whole clay army for his death. Qin Shi was a crewl sick man, he enslaved and murdered millions of people helplessly.

  The first emperor held lots of secrets. Would you want to live under HIS roof?
 To me, Shi would not be on my list because he killed people, wants to rule the after life (talk about WEIRD.) and was VERY crewl to his citizens.

Top Ten list of facts I get off videos!

1. He was very crewl and untrustworthy.

2. He built an army of clay for his after life.

3. It took 36 years to finish the Teracotta Army.

4. The tomb has not been dug up yet!

5. Over 700,000 workers were employed for this construction.

6. It is belived that soldiers held real weapons.

7. Experts suggest that the emporors tomb  contains simulated rivers.

8. An army of 8,000 clay soldiers to accompany Emperor Qin in his after life.

9. The clay figures are life size

10. The sculptures are over 2,200 years old!

        Try This!

      I want you to learn more about Qin Shi Huang, meanwhile I will give you A BRAND NEW CAR! Just kidding!  just imagine the brand new car.